360 Degree Product Photography

Giving your visitors a visually compelling and interactive product experience will lead to increased sales and fewer returns.

IAF focuses on high quality results and speedy turn around. We are able to deploy product animations on your web page or as an NFT so authorized resellers can use your visual assets however and wherever they need them.

High resolution product images

1. Truly Incredible Product Images

Unlike other studios, we do not over exposure images, or blow the hell out of them in Photoshop to hide the 360 studio background.

Deep Zoom up to 500 percent more than display

2. Deep Zoom

IAF picture quality is simply unmatched.  The consumer can zoom to see incredible details that would otherwise go unnoticed.      

3. Advanced Color Grading

Advanced Color Grading allows us to match brand standards as well as provide special effects..

4. Clipping Path

Because your product is isolated from the background, it opens up a myriad of design opportunities that otherwise would not be possible

Installation of 360 degree product views on your website

5. Installation

IAF can install your 360 product photography on any web platform. We will provide you easy step by step instructions in getting your animations on your website

Decentralized high speed hosting of 360 degree product views

6. Speedy CDN Hosting

360 Product Photos need to load quickly with minimal impact on bounce rate. Your images will load from data centers closest to the customer's location. 

What KPI's will be improved ?

With our 15 years experience, we can tell you that these 6 PDP (Product Display Page) KPI's will be improved by implementing IAF 360 degree product views:

360 Product views will always improve your users time on page

Time on Page

People who interact with an IAF3D animation spend more time on your pages.

By having a 360 degree product photography, users are more likely to add the item to their shopping cart

Add to Cart

Users of product animations are statistically very likely to add the product to their cart.

Interactive product media is very likely to be shared on social networks

Social Shares

360 interactive products are often shared via social channels. They provide a "discoverer" to share a high quality piece of interactive media.

360 product photography will improve your search engine rankings due to increased time on page and interaction with the page

Better SEO

Along with be considered a "rich media asset" because time on page and social shares are increased, your product pages will rank higher.

By giving your users n interactive product experience, they are more likely to return.  Returning visitors are more likely to make a purchase

Return Visits 

Interactive Product Media lures visitors back at a higher rate than ordinary photos. 

A reduce in returns is the same as increased sales.  360 product photography reduces product returns.

Reduced Returns

Because the user has been able to see the product from many more angles than 2D photo provides, they are less likely to return the product.   

How The Process Works 

Getting IAF animations on your website or Amazon is an easy.  Physical world and digital deployment, we are here for you every step of the way.   

Customers have 2 ways of getting their projects done.

You can ship your product to our studio for 360 photography

Ship Your Goods To Us

If time is of the essence, or you have few products to do: SHIPPING TO US is usually your best bet.

If the amount of products is large, we can come to you for 360 photography

We Come to You

If you have a large amount of goods, it is better that WE COME TO YOU.

YOU: Condition Your Product

Ensure that your product is free of visual defects including but not limited to scratches, nicks, scuffs or otherwise anything that would sully the product animation.       

US: Receive Your Product, Condition

We ensure that there are no flaws in your product. If there are, we will quickly make you aware. 

US+You : Arrive at an "Angle of Attack"

The AOA is the terminology we use for the camera's angle while facing your product. It should be kept consistent amongst all of your products families.


We will photograph your products in a 360 degree capacity.  It will be level and true in its movement whilst being perfectly clipped from the background.

Review of Animation

The animation will be presented for your review. Any adjustments will be handled in a ticket-based system to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Deliver or Deploy

Whether or not you have your own 360 viewer on your website, or you've had us set the hooks into your front end, we will deliver raw files or deploy the animations on your websites.

Digital Deployment  : Getting the Animation Installed on Web Assets


Installing your 360 degree animations on your web properties

Getting your animations installed on your storefront is easy with IAF, a competent technical partner with experience with enterprise and open source front heads. Going headless for your shopping cart ? We have easy deployment options to meet your needs.

We can install your 360 product views on your instance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
We can install your 360 product photography on your instance of Magento
We can install your 360 product photography on your instance of Shopify or Shopify Plus
We can install your 360 product views on your instance of Shopify or Shopify Plus
We can install your 360 product views on your instance of SAP Hybris
We can install your 360 product views on your instance of Oracle Commerce
We can install your 360 product views on your instance of Big Commerce
We can install your 360 product views on your instance of IBM WebSphere