Real world art minted to NFT services
The variety of benefits for converting your real world art to NFT

Establish Your "Real World" Art's Provenance on the Ethereum Blockchain.2X-3x Your Art Collection's value.

There is over a trillion of dollars of dormant equity for art collectors worldwide. This equity is in the form of NFT creation of existing "Real World Art". IAF makes it easy to transform your RWA (Real World Art) it into a high quality NFT written into the Ethereum Blockchain .  Your ownership as well as the stunning media will be forever known. This process essentially securitizes your art as an investable instrument. Below are some of the numerous benefits.

An NFT serves as a legally enforceable deed to property of any form

An NFT Can serve as a legally enforceable deed to any piece if art, property, physical object or digital asset.

Establish and prove the provenance of your artwork.  Previous historical ownership can be established as well.

An NFT can serve as a document of historical ownership for artwork, fine furniture, sculptures and jewelry.

By minting an NFT of your artwork, it is very easy to begin to monetize it in several capacities.

Easily sell fractional ownership of your artwork anonymously. Allow authentic digital copies with a price and scarcity you choose.

An NFT makes selling art of any value extremely easy.  It also simplifies the collection of funds

Sell your artwork or digital rights in either/both the physical and digital realm. Directly connect with sellers to eliminate sales costs.

An NFT makes your artwork a formally securitized investment.

Enhance your ownership rights to easily use art as loan collateral in the arts physical and digital existences

Securitize your ownership of your artwork in the METAVERSE

Digitally reproduce your art for use and display in the Meta verse with our 3D scans and Ultra-High Resolution Photography

With ultra high definition photography and lidar scanning, it is simple to demonstrate authenticity for future buyers

Prove your ownership in both the physical and digital domain of your artwork. Unlock the ability to do web 3.0 business with your art.

Both pure play crypto specialist and art enthusiast have been participating in the NFT art phenomenon.  What has been missing is Real World Art's digital representation and value recognition in the Meta verse.

So how can this 2X your collections value?  

In short, an NFT "securitizes" your Real World Art and embeds whatever built in business or financial conditions you set.  These decrees are absolute in nature and contained in a mechanism referred to as a "smart contract"   Although an NFT can simply service as a "deed" to a piece of artwork there are a dearth of unlocked advantages for art collectors

By securitizes and tokenizing your RWA, today's smart collector can now

  1. Demonstrate absolute ownership of the RWA for you, your estate in today's and tomorrow's Meta verse
  2. Monetize authentic digital duplicates at a price and scarcity that you determine
  3. Add a perpetual royalty payable to you, your heirs or anything you determine anytime the NFT is sold in the future
  4. Easily provide fractional ownership of your Real World Art as an NFT without involving lawyers.
  5. Allowing simply allowing the authentic NFT of your RWA to generate returns from the inexorable rise in Ethereum
  6. Simplify estate planning, minimize or offset tax exposure your real world art generates as much value as possible for as long as possible
  7. The NFT alone and not RWA can serve as collateral in both crypto and conventional financial loans.

How to Begin Your RWA to NFT Conversion.

In the most simple of terms, the RWA to NFT process is no-flash photography and/or Lidar scanning combined with business rules (for the smart contract) that you establish. The most important thing to remember is that you can make the rules without having to consult an attorney or an accountant.

You choose the terms of your NFT

Whether or not you want to sell digital copies of your real world art or not is entirely up to you (Digital scarcity). Some collectors are perfectly happy simply to own the highest quality digital replica of their real world art forever marked in the ledger of the Ethereum Blockchain.

We make a perfect digital replica of your product for the Meta verse. We capture the awe and splendor of your real world art at a level of detail that is greater than what the human eye can see Details as small as .5 of a MM are captured during the process.


Our insurance allows us to handle pieces up to US$5,000,000 dollars.  We can quickly add to this policy with a 48 hour

Setting your objectives for your real world art NFT

Set NFT Objectives

Given all the new revenue and ownership possibilities that a real world NFT affords, determine what goals and objectives your want your physical art to achieve in its NFT format. Our experts will help you every step of the way.

Select the best venue for photography and scanning of your artwork

Venue Selection

Determine whether you want to ship your art to us or have us rendezvous with your art at a third party location We are able to come to any art handling facility in the lower 48 states. Only fully vaccinated personnel are permitted to do on location shoots.

We will provide a precise conditioning report of your artwork

Item Conditioning

Before the conversion process begins, we assess your artwork's physical condition.. Our highly skilled and delicate professionals will use deft hands, keen eyes, and high resolution photography to give you a precise conditioning report.

We use ultra high resolution photography to capture your artwork with breathtaking resolution

Photo Scanning

Flash-less photography is the safest way to capture the true color and texture of your artwork. Depending upon your package, our experts may use Lidar scanning for 3D Meta verse reproduction. The photos are superb quality, allowing for accurate digital representation

Hundreds of images are stiched together to form an ultra high resolution image of your artwork

Image Assembly

Image editing and Lidar merging is done on the same day as that the photo shoot. It is then presented for review and final approval and prepared for decentralized web hosting.

If your NFT includes special business rules based on fractional ownership, sale, collateral or other business rules, we will review your wishes an obtain an official signoff

Smart Contract Review

Together we will review the business processes and terms of your NFT. At this time, we will ensure that these are your precise decrees.

Minting of your NFT

Minting of your NFT

After you are completely satisfied with your digital reproduction, we will mint your NFT on the Ethereum block chain in accordance to the decrees of your smart contract.